Why Nitrile gloves are better? Here are 9 Reasons!

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The significance of gloves in the health industry:

Disposable nitrile gloves are an essential item in any healthcare industry. They not just protect health care providers and patients from exposure to potentially harmful microbes but also set a standard of hygiene in the industry. All disposable gloves aren’t similar because they are made from different materials and designs. Gloves used in the medical industry are made up of three types of materials, nitrile, vinyl, and latex.

What are nitrile gloves?

Nitrile gloves are one of the best alternatives to latex and vinyl gloves. Latex-free nitrile gloves offer many benefits and advantages as compared to latex or vinyl. Powder-free nitrile disposable gloves reduced issues like skin irritation and also minimize the risk of allergic reactions on the hands. Powder-free nitrile gloves can be used while performing various tasks such as handling toxic chemicals in laboratories to prepare dishes in-home or restaurant kitchens.

Uses of nitrile gloves:

These gloves are mostly used in chemistry labs, food factories, industrial environments, and while performing medical procedures such as surgeries, etc. They preferred more they offer more chemical resistance as compared to latex rubber gloves. While handling dry chemicals and corrosive acids these gloves protect the hands from stains and odors.

The 9 Reasons why Nitrile gloves are better?

  1. More resistant to puncture and durable than latex
  2. Allergy-free, protein-free and latex-free
  3. Offers a high level of sensitivity
  4. Fits perfectly like a mold to hand
  5. Highly resistant to fats, oils, and petroleum-based products
  6. More comfortable due to improved dexterity
  7. Flexible and long-lasting
  8. Breathable lightweight material, available both in powdered and powder-free
  9. Affordable
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1.   Are all nitrile gloves medical grade?

It’s a general perception that all are of medical grade so the term medical grade is associated with nitrile gloves. But not all nitrile gloves are of medical grade. The gloves used in the food processing industry aren’t medical grade. Only exam gloves and surgical gloves are classified as medical-grade, the purer material is used to make these.

3. Are nitrile gloves food safe?

Yes, nitrile gloves are safe to use in food-grade applications and for food processing and packaging. They are approved for use in the beverage and food industry because they are protein-free which means that they are safe for people who are allergic to latex.

4.   Can you reuse medical-grade gloves?

That’s rarely possible and not recommended unless it is under exceptional cases. The gloves develop pinholes after getting used more than one time. So it’s highly recommended to discard gloves after using one-time use and use new ones. Washing and sanitizing medical gloves is also not recommended.

5.   How to remove gloves?

Whether you’re a health worker or not, if you’re wearing nitrile gloves or any other types of gloves, in COVID you need to be extra careful. You need to follow these few tips while removing the gloves, here is the proper and correct way and time to remove your gloves. If you don’t follow those protocols you’re nullifying all the protective advantages of them. Here are measures:

1. Grab the glove with your non-dominant hand from your wrist without touching the skin and pull it away towards the end of your fingers. As you peel it downwards, let it fold inside out.

2. Hold that inside out glove with fingers of your dominant hand which is still gloved

3. Now remove the glove of the dominant hand by sliding the fingers of your other hand from the palm without touching the outside of the gloves. Slide the fingers peel away the glove, turn it inside out. The only thing you need to make sure of is that, don’t touch the outside of the glove with bare hands.

4. Throw the gloves and wash your hand thoroughly with soap before touching anything.

5. Sanitize your phone as well if you’ve used it with gloves on.

Nitrile gloves on sale in South Africa:

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